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4 reasons to invest in a solar panel system

Imagine getting a bill that says you owe your utility company $0. It's not a mistake - it could be a reality when you own a solar panel system. Go solar with help from KG Solar Solutions, a local family-owned and -operated solar sales company in Santa Clarita, CA.

We're North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified and an advocate for property owners who want to switch to solar energy. Purchase a state-of-the-art solar panel system from us to...

Lower your cost of electricity
Increase your property's resell value
Minimum affects of future rate increases by your utilities
Claim a 26% federal tax credit when you install your system by Dec. 31, 2021

We'll connect you with a trusted solar panel installation technician in your area.

Many of our clients recoup the costs of their solar panel installation within six years. How much of your electrical costs could you cover? Divide the net cost of your solar panel installation by the warranty period to calculate your electrical costs per kilowatt hour.

Contact us today for pricing information. We can then tell you about available financing options.


$0 down with payments lower than you're currently paying for your utilities

Reliable support for life

We do more than just sell solar panel systems to our clients. With over 11 years of industry experience, we've got the skills required to resolve any issue with your ground- or roof-mounted solar system.

You can rely on us for comprehensive grid-tied and off-grid solar system services, including...

Battery bank service
Inverter installation and repair
Solar panel repair and installation
Solar electric and PV system repair and installation

As a loyal client, you'll get expert service, frequent industry updates and information about software and equipment upgrades. You're sure to stay informed when you're a client of ours.

We'll Stick With You Until You've Switched to Solar

Reach out to our sales team to learn about the process